Outing & meeting point
                  cars are the most popular
vehicles in Europa. There will never
be an Oldtimer car dealer in England,
because "Oldtimer" is the nicely meant
term for out-dated men as these are
never likely to be sold !
Goethestraße 1 (Am Markt)46487 Wesel
From 11:00 o`clock the first Vintage
cars meet for our outing,which starts
at 13:00 o`clock. Through scenic
routes, it goes to selected destinations.
is not tied to any make of car,
and open to all vintage car ow -
ners and enthusiasts. We arrange
outings for the club for pleasur -
able and memorable days out.

     Around 1900,the cars could run - and quite fast. Around 1950,the time

                 of mass production begann, which we have to deal with to day.

What lies in between is the childhood and the beautiful youth of the automobile

                   Vintage vehicles with twoo or four wheals are welcome.

Our tour are without exeption free of charge and require no registration

further information will be given to you by the phone number
                                  02871 30213 or 0177 7055 496
 OLW ,Oldtimer Lovers Wesel,